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Project "10,000" Success Stories

10000aP.A.V.E.® has had the wonderful privilege of being a resource to thousands of individuals who benefited from behavioral optometry. What keeps us motivated to fulfill our mission is the stories we hear every day about how we helped those individuals that were diagnosed as having visual issues that ultimately affected their learning.P.A.V.E.® ‘s goal is to share 10,000 success stories of parents, teachers and other professionals so that we all can spread the word of how important vision can be to a child not working at his/her potential.

If you have a success story you would like to share with other parents, we encourage you to email your story to us at and you will bring us one story closer to meeting our 10,000 story goal.


Visual Processing Courses and Vision Development Multi-Matrix Game Recommended by P.A.V.E.

Visual Processing Courses - Online, All-Video Learning<br />

Visual Processing Courses and Vision Development Game Recommended by P.A.V.E.
Our founder, Marjie Thompson, C.O.V.T., was a a key advisor to the development of these courses on Vision & the Brain and conducting an educational Vision Assessment to understand compensation tactics and identify children who would benefit from professional evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. View sample clips from the video courses. With every order a generous donation will be made to Parents Active for Vision Education. Learn More Now

Vision Development Multi-Matrix Game

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