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The key to finding the best doctor for you or your child, is to make sure that you ask the right questions when calling for an appointment.  Click here to view some sample questions.

The three organizations P.A.V.E. refers parents to are COVD (College of Optometry in Vision Development, OEP (Optometric Extension Program), and NORA (Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association).  To find a Behavioral Optometrist in your area, please visit any one of these three sites, locate the “Find a Doctor” section, and conduct a geopraphical search.

If you need assistance, send us an email from this page with your address, and we will respond with the names of Behavioral Optometrists in your area.


Visual Processing Courses and Vision Development Multi-Matrix Game Recommended by P.A.V.E.

Visual Processing Courses - Online, All-Video Learning<br />

Visual Processing Courses and Vision Development Game Recommended by P.A.V.E.
Our founder, Marjie Thompson, C.O.V.T., was a a key advisor to the development of these courses on Vision & the Brain and conducting an educational Vision Assessment to understand compensation tactics and identify children who would benefit from professional evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. View sample clips from the video courses. With every order a generous donation will be made to Parents Active for Vision Education. Learn More Now

Vision Development Multi-Matrix Game

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