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My name is Robert Nurisio and I was elected as National President of P.A.V.E. in January 2007.  I became a Vision Therapist in 1998 and have worked in Vision Therapy practices in San Francisco, CA,  San Diego, CA, and Magnolia, TX  In my time as a therapist, I have been involved with patient care, coordinated seminars for several different doctors, as well as presented at seminars on various topics.  I invite you to join this discussion with your questions, your concerns, or just simply if you want to comment on someone elese’s thoughts.  There is no charge to join our website and you will not be asked for a credit card number.  We only require membership so we can monitor and moderate the conversations.  Thanks for listening, and I look forward to speaking to you soon.


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Visual Processing Courses and Vision Development Multi-Matrix Game Recommended by P.A.V.E.

Visual Processing Courses - Online, All-Video Learning<br />

Visual Processing Courses and Vision Development Game Recommended by P.A.V.E.
Our founder, Marjie Thompson, C.O.V.T., was a a key advisor to the development of these courses on Vision & the Brain and conducting an educational Vision Assessment to understand compensation tactics and identify children who would benefit from professional evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. View sample clips from the video courses. With every order a generous donation will be made to Parents Active for Vision Education. Learn More Now

Vision Development Multi-Matrix Game

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